‘s position as one of the game’s commercial heavyweights has yet to be tested. In some ways it feels like the abundance of baby mama drama that so frequently plagues him actually serves to enhance his musical image, providing him with further fuel for his lyrical content. Like a snake eating its own tail, ouroboros. It’s been a formula that’s served him well throughout the years, with a collection of number one albums to prove it. A collection that has officially come to include his latest, High Off Life.

Future Reflects On Seven Number One Albums

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Clocking in with an impressive sum of 153,000 first week total streams, with 16,000 in traditional sales, Future took a moment to reflect on his latest accomplishment. As per usual, he remains a man of few words. “7 number 1 albums. Lucky Me,” he reflects, looking like a Winter Anniversary event unlockable skin. It’s actually a humble approach for Future, chalking his success up to luck rather than skill. But let’s be honest, he’s never been one to shy away from some self-love.

While it’s clear the people appreciated High Off Life, it’s hard to say if it  — which is to say, DS2, Future, HNDRXX, and The WIZRD. Still, the man knows what he’s doing, and those of us who have enjoyed the journey thus far can still find enjoyment in Future’s musings. Congratulations to the Atlanta rapper for another win in the column. Are you still enjoying High Off Life?