Flo Milli: “Fruit Loop”

On the mic, Flo Milli moves like Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls, a well-balanced combination of dainty and vicious. That duality didn’t translate fully on her debut album You Still Here, Ho?, which had a tad too much filler, but she’s a snappy and attention-grabbing singles artist. Her new song “Fruit Loop” once again features top-tier kiss-offs that will send Instagram-stalking girlfriends—and their ain’t shit boyfriends—cowering back to their finstas. What starts out as a compliment (“Bae hit the spot, made me sing like the Bee Gees”) can quickly turn sour (“Tryna talk big but he got a lil pee-pee”). Her satisfying enunciations—particularly on P-words like “poof,” “palm trees,” and yeah, “pee-pee”—and producer Young Fyre’s strobing beat—which recalls Miss E… So Addictive-era Missy Elliott—only help amplify her already explosive style.