Fievel Is Glauque: “I’m Scanning Things I Can’t See”

Fievel Is Glauque aren’t afraid to be spontaneous. The experimental jazz pop duo wrote and recorded their newest single, “I’m Scanning Things I Can’t See,” on a Tascam cassette machine in one day and meant to re-record it; instead, they just released the demo in its raw form. In line with this fluid creative process, singer Ma Clément nonchalantly follows flashes of inspiration: “First there was a lighted cigarette/The cherry glowed and then was gone/Into a space beyond/I’ve seen so many things just vanish.” The calming, cerebral track is at first reminiscent of 1960s French yé-yé pop; Clément’s understated vocals bob atop choppy piano chords until Zach Phillips’ frenzied jazz stylings jerk her awake. Then she settles back to life’s plodding rhythm. It isn’t a drastic departure for the duo, but their breezy, uncalculated approach creates undeniable charm.