FG Figueroa Released His New Single “Odio” – Satisfying & Promising At Once

Florida-based singer and songwriter FG Figueroa released his single  “Odio,” which is being accompanied by a music video with the scenery of beautiful buildings of the city showing both his deep love for the architecture and his urban attitude.
FG Figueroa is working on music in Latin and Hip-Hop directions with sub-genres of reggaeton, Latin trap, dancehall, R&B, and Pop describing his own musical style as limitless, when the Renaissance meets 2080.With his brand new offering “Odio,” which means “hate” in Spanish, off his latest album The Prelude which is home to 7 unique tracks, FG Figueroa showcases the inspiration he derived from the world and those who grind on a daily basis to do what they love.

Below, have a listen to “Odio,” an anthem for people to relax and let everyone who hates them know that this is their year too!