Feel The Glorious Vibes Of A New Piece By Peg Luke “Almighty, Victorious”

Incredible new song from an artist who has performed all around the world—“Almighty, Victorious” sounds the bells of faith with the help of the most fascinating musical instruments like bagpipes and fiddle! Of course, Luke’s vocal performance is also top-notch, with due seriousness and at the same time a very clear message of hope. Trusting God with her worries and troubles has been transformative for Peg Luke as well as many others, and this song praises just that. 

Luke spoke about the creation of this single in a recent interview: “I took the very powerful text from the classic hymn, ‘Immortal, Invisible’ and paired it with a brand new vibe. That hymn always rang true to me. It is a very positive and powerful piece of music and I decided to change the mood with bagpipes and fiddle. Each instrument I dearly love, and when I reworked the tune I heard these two instruments prominently displayed.”

With quite a lot of new music on the horizon, Peg Luke promises to keep bringing her authentic and emotional pieces to the general audience!