Fast-Rising Hip Hop Artist Loe Shimmy Returns With “Playboi Carti”

Loe Shimmy is enjoying the best time of his life in the new music video for “Playboi Carti,” shot by IWANTJUAN. The talented rapper counts his dollars, bling, and blessings. Enjoying the fruits of his labor and hardwork, the artist had previously mentioned that his motto is to “stay in his lane, keep grinding and supporting those who support him: family, friends, fans! All anyone can do is do their best.”

In “Playboi Carti,” Loe Shimmy takes a different direction and delivers a more chill flow. Following the previous releases “Wake Em up,” “Not the same,” and “On the Run,” the rap track brings out his raspy voice that works perfectly with the unruffled rhythms. Fans seem to be hooked on the lyrics, rapping along with Loe, “I bought my Glock a 50 clip because you never know” and “Walk wit switchy in my brief I pop pills itch like I got fleas.” 

The music video for “Playboi Carti” features American rapper and Shimmy’s longtime supporter Kodak Black. The two had also collaborated on the hit single “Bounty.” Loe has attracted the attention of other notable artists as well, thanks to his distinct style. Speaking of his unique voice, the Hip Hop talent says, “I’ve worked very hard on defining my own sound, and I will continue to do so in the future.”

Watch the official video for “Playboi Carti” on YouTube: