Evanescence’s Amy Lee says ‘Bring Me To Life’ rap inclusion was a “difficult pill to swallow”

Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee has reaffirmed her discomfort over being pressured to include the famed rap segment added to the band’s signature song ‘Bring Me To Life’.

The rap section, performed by Paul McCoy of 12 Stones, was a creative decision made by the band’s label rather than Evanescence themselves, and they have frequently spoken of their dislike for it.

When asked in an interview with Metal Hammer how she feels about the ‘Bring Me To Life’ rap today, 20 years on from its initial release, Lee said: “I stopped performing it a long time ago. We never really did perform it. When we’re on tour and we have somebody that fits into that spot, they jump up on the song. We were on tour with P.O.D and we had Sonny [Sandoval, vocalist] get up a few times. And obviously, if we’re ever in the same town as Paul [McCoy, 12 Stones vocalist], who originally did the part, we will have him come up, because it’s fun and it’s cool and nostalgic.


“But that part, that sound, that’s not my style. That’s why it was such a difficult pill to swallow, even on one song. But we won because we didn’t have to change our whole sound.”

Evanescence's Amy Lee
Evanescence’s Amy Lee (Picture: Travis Shinn / Press)

Meanwhile, on the topic of the nu metal genre, Lee said: “Those are just words. I don’t super get or agree with the boxes that we feel the need to put things in. If you’re doing it right, every band is unique and is a slightly different colour than anything else.

“One of the questions I have been asked a lot in my life is, ‘How would you define your sound? What would you call your genre?’ I don’t know how to do that. I want to always maintain the ability and the freedom to do something I’ve never done before.”

Evanescence will be returning to the UK in June to play Download Festival.