Eichlers & Get Tuff releasing collaborative EP (watch the “MAKEMEFAMOUS” video)

Eichlers is the project of Bay Area musician Russ Wood, who calls his music “hyperska,” which makes sense as his 2020 album i may b cute, but im dumb af is basically a ska-infused version of hyperpop. (If you like those 100 gecs ska songs, you should definitely also be listening to Eichlers.) Eichlers is now set to release a collaborative EP with Get Tuff, the art pop/emo-trap project of RB Roe, who also plays in emo/punk bands The Weak Days, Jetty Bones, and Save Face, and who also just sang lead vocals for Skatune Network’s new ska-punk cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic.”

The project is called IKE & TUFF GO TO HOLLYWOOD and it hits streaming services on June 22 (pre-save). We’re premiering lead single “MAKEMEFAMOUS” and its FaceTime-themed video (which RB directed), which finds Ike and RB putting a lo-fi, bedroom pop spin on melodic, downtempo R&B, making references to Trey Songz, Taylor Swift, and Phoebe Bridgers, and yearning for internet fame in a way Ike calls “kind of ironic and kind of sincere.” RB also calls it “an ode to internet friendship,” which is something that’s really helped keep the DIY scene thrive during this year without shows.

“Growing up in punk & DIY, the idea of being famous was the antithesis of my lifestyle and beliefs,” Ike tells us. “The song is kind of ironic and kind of sincere; me and Trey Songz are pretty much the same person at this point.”

RB adds, “In the digital age traditional notions of fame are somewhat skewed by lessening of our attention spans of en masse, leaving many artists striving for their 15 minutes of viral success. With the near-infinite accessibility of these platforms there comes an issue, wherein we are unable to break through the cacophony of content wildly spewing from all directions. However, one solace in the chaos of being Extremely Online is the ability to connect, through ever-branching networks of passionate and like-minded folks, in ways we never thought possible. This project is an ode to internet friendship and our novel privilege of finding artistic camaraderie without ever leaving the comfort of our homes.”

Check out the song and video below…