‘Dragon Age The Veilguard’ release date, gameplay, companions, and everything we know

After a long, long wait, Dragon Age The Veilguard is finally on the horizon and BioWare has begun sharing a ton about the game, including the main premise, when you can play, and the seven main companions who will accompany you on your journey to stop Solas.

With Summer Game Fest out of the way, you can find a deep dive on every aspect of the game below.

‘Dragon Age The Veilguard’ release date

Dragon Age The Veilguard‘s release date is set for autumn 2024 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. There is no exact date yet, but it seems likely that the game will end up releasing sometime in October or November, following Dragon Age Inquisition‘s release.

‘Dragon Age The Veilguard’ story

Dragon Age The Veilguard follows on from the events of Dragon Age Inquisition and its DLC as players step into  the shoes of the fully-customizable hero, Rook. Fellowship is central to Dragon Age: The Veilguard, with each companion having their own storylines, motivations, and skill trees.


Players will decide the fate of Thedas forever as they seek to stop Solas and rally a team to guard The Veil.

‘Dragon Age The Veilguard’ companions

Dragon Age The Veilguard focuses on you and your companions, and they are at the heart of the story. Some initial details on each one have been revealed by EA.


Bellara is described by BioWare as a “creative and romantic Veil Jumper” who is obsessed with uncovering all kinds of secrets and ancient artifacts.



Davrin, who has made a name for himself as a monster hunter, is a Grey Warden who will be by your side throughout your journey.


From the Nevarra Mourn Watch, Emmrich is a Necromancer who has a skeletal assistant, Manfred by his side.


Harding appeared in 2014’s Inquisition and was a huge fan favourite. Armed with a bow and a lot of passion, she will also gain some unexpected magical powers in this game.


Luncanis is a pragmatic assassin who is descended from the bloodline of the House of Crows, a criminal organisation renowned throughout Thedas.



A cynical fighter and detective, she is aiming to achieve a better future as a member of Tevinter’s rebellious Shadow Dragons.


Allied with the Lords of Fortune, Taash is a dragon hunter who lives for the adventure.

You can get a look at each one below in the reveal trailer for the game:

[embedded content]

‘Dragon Age: The Veilguard’ gameplay

Gameplay for Dragon Age The Veilguard was showcased after the game’s first trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024. The game takes the series back to its dark origins, while focusing on seven main companions.

The gameplay showcase focused on a section super early in the game and had the player searching for Harding as they tried to stop Solas, while also protecting The Veil. We get a brief glimpse at the game’s dialogue choices, which look standard for the franchise, before transitioning into combat.

That combat focuses on melee attacks, and we see our created character play a Rogue, darting around and slicing enemies while dashing between them, in-and-out of the fray.

Before long, the video skips forward after the team find Solas’ hideout. Here we see more ranged combat options, like being able to switch to a bow and use spells to cast elemental attacks like a lightning wave along the ground. We also get to see the Arlathan Forest, outside of the main city where the game starts, along with a fight against a Pride Demon.

During this fight, we see the player use the tactical option in the game, where you can pause the action and choose your abilities. Further on, during the cutscenes, we also get to see some of the more in-depth character systems and how your actions will affect your companions’ disapproval and approval of you.

[embedded content]

For the most part, the game looks to be a traditional Dragon Age RPG, albeit a little more modern than Dragon Age Inquisition, which was released almost 10 years ago. It definitely is more impressive than the initial trailer unveiled at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024.

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