Doves’ Jimi Goodwin adds vocals to three fans’ versions of ‘Forest House’

Back in August, Doves ‘leaked’ the lyrics and sheet music for their then-unreleased track ‘Forest House’, asking fans to perform their own instrumental interpretations.

After calling on musicians of all abilities to interpret the as-yet-unreleased track to see if they could get close to the album version of ‘Forest House’, “or create something wildly and brilliantly off-the-mark,” the band’s singer Jimi Goodwin promised to add his own vocals to the best entry.

After enlisting fans to help pick a winner, the band have selected not one but three versions of ‘Forest House’ as their favourites, and re-shared them with Goodwin’s added vocals.


DMB · Doves Forest House #Dovesleak Contest Winners

The first interpretation, by Scottish multi-instrumentalist Nathan Sinclair, is a slick, drum-driven track. Computer scientist and prog musician Sean Bechhofer provided an orchestral piece, while the third winner Mark Lang composed his version entirely on an iPad.

You can take a listen to all three versions above. Sinclair, Bechhofer and Lang have all been sent signed ‘The Universal Want’ box sets as a thank you for taking part.

Doves’ own version of ‘Forest House’ arrived as the final track on ‘The Universal Want’, their first album in over a decade.

On its release in September, ‘The Universal Want’ shot straight to number one, outselling their four nearest rivals combined.