Donald Glover debuts trailer for new film ‘Bando Stone’

Donald Glover gave fans at an advance IMAX screening of A Quiet Place: Day One, a preview of his forthcoming new film Bando Stone & The New World. Check out more details below.

In April, Glover announced that his next – and final – album as Childish Gambino: ‘Bando Stone & The New World’ will double as the soundtrack for his upcoming movie of the same name. Though there’s no official release date as of yet, Glover told social media followers in May: “the all new childish gambino album comes out in the summer”.

Now, he’s offered the first glimpse at the film during a screening for A Quiet Place: Day One. The trailer has yet to be officially released online. The trailer shows Bando Stone, played by Glover, confused after waking up in a deserted, dystopian universe.

He then runs into a mother and her child, eventually following them and embarking on a sci-fi adventure complete with alien lasers and monsters. The trailer then departs with the question: “What are you when the world ends?”


Earlier in the week, Glover told fans that the record’s lead single would be released next Tuesday (July 2). He confirmed the release date in a livestream while complaining about the streaming service Audiomack for allegedly leaking it ahead of time. “That got leaked. It kinda pissed me off, to be honest. That’s another reason why y’all don’t get good shit. For what? It’s not valuable enough. It’s just a single.”

He continued: “I know who did it, Audiomack. Fucking, no soup for you. You’re not getting the album now. That’s what time I’m on.” Glover also went on to share his dismay at the current music climate, saying “the problem is we’re not having fun,” and explaining that the rollout for his new album is “mostly about fun.”


“I’m trying to have fun because I feel like there’s just people not having enough fun… When I was a kid there was, like, big things that would unite us and I just feel bad for y’all. I feel bad for some of y’all,” he said.

Last month, Glover released his latest album ‘Atavista’. He took to social media to announce the release of the album, which is the “complete” version of his 2020 record, ‘3.15.20’. The album sees the musician rework tracks from the 2020 record, as well as the addition of a new song, ‘Little Foot Big Foot’.

‘3.15.20’ was awarded four-stars by NME when it was initially released in 2020, with Sam Moore calling it his “most personal record to date”. He wrote: “Glover’s willingness to share such a candid moment on record is particularly interesting given his past proclivity towards keeping his private life largely offline, and may be a sign that the star is beginning to let his guard down as the outside world continues to try to peer in.

“It’s an approach that Glover is applying to his musical output at least, with the impressive ‘3.15.20’ well worth the wait — we’ll keep our fingers firmly crossed, then, that he doesn’t give in to his past evasiveness and take the record down again…”


In May, Glover announced the final Childish Gambino tour, titled the ‘New World Tour’ as a nod to the drastic shift in world politics and culture since his last tour in 2019. On his website, he shared a rolling list of cities the colossal tour would visit, but he’s yet to announce any official dates or ticket information.