On the heels of of her hit song “Say So,” continues to dominate. On Thursday (February 27), and on Friday (February 28), the singer-rapper visited MTV’s Fresh Out Live to chat about her chart-climbing single and her sold-out tour. 

Doja Cat Hires Choreographer, Won't Be "Twerking All The Time"
Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty Images

The including rappers Ashnikko and BigKlit. “I think it’s important to put women on, to give them an opportunity to get their bag and express themselves, but I picked them because I like them,” Doja said. “I think they’re very talented and I think they deserve it, because of their talent.”

Fans planning on attending the sold-out Hot Pink Tour will see that Doja has switched things up for her stage show. “I have a choreographer now, becauseand twerking all the time. No more of that, she’s dancing now,” the artist said.

Doja who choreographed the dance moves to “Say So,” making the track a viral hit. “Thank you Haley, I love you so much. I wish she was here. I am so excited about this,” said Doja. “I’m so excited about the success that it’s made. I didn’t know people liked disco so much… That’s really really cool. I’m so grateful, it feels great.” Check out Doja Cat’s appearance on MTV’s Fresh Out Live below.