D’Lemor Shares Debut Single “Shine” Revolving Around Emotion, Hope And Healing

“There are so many moments in our lives where our light dims. Some do not have the strength to go on, yet some look up at the sky to feel the sun on their faces and believe“ – with this motto in her life the poetess D’Lemor decided to channel all her powers and create her debut single “Shine” – a compelling fusion of heavenly sounds and vocals.

This deep emotional journey is a triumph of empowerment and self-discovery. With “Shine,” D’Lemor reveals herself as a multifaceted personality, who dreamt of the day when her music and lyrics were going to heal the world.
“Sine” is an incredible listen with beautiful instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics that transport us to the inner bindings of her kind and pure heart.
Her debut single is a late-year treasure that shouldn’t be overlooked, it is as timely as it is timeless, and as needed now as a special message of love, kindness, joy and hope to us during these challenging times.