DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ: “For Now and Forever”

DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ has been “makin’ magick” since 2017, twisting disparate samples into expansive albums of kitschy, Avalanches-esque dance pop. Clocking in at well over three hours with 41 tracks, the London producer’s latest album, Destiny, has the cheesy, nostalgic sheen of daytime TV—what else can you expect from someone who takes her name from a comic-book-series-turned-’90s-sitcom? On album standout “For Now and Forever,” DJ Sabrina is like Burial in Barbie Land, weaving vocal snippets through shimmering house music. The setting is an all-night party where the fun never stops, the mood buoyed by sappy saxophones and disembodied wooo-oo-oohs. (If you listen closely at 1:08, you can hear someone who sounds suspiciously like Jerry Seinfeld for a brief moment.) The song runs for eight minutes but feels like eternity, a never-ending rerun of bliss.