is on a rampage. Perhaps emboldened by the sight of his gargantuan plaque collection, it would seem as if the affable mogul has decided to lay the foundation for another one. And what better way to guarantee instant sales than lining up some new vocals, a partnership we haven’t seen manifest since Grateful’s “To The Max.” We’ve already heard it from the source — “Up next: New Album in the works,”  a few days ago. “First single BEEN done!”

DJ Khaled's Rumored Drake Banger Hype Intensifies

Kevin Mazur/BBMA2017/Getty Images 

Given his strategic decision to place an owl emoji in the announcement post, it soon became widely accepted that Drake would be blessing Khaled’s new single, which will presumably arrive at some point this summer. Now, DJ Khaled has decided to double down on that particular narrative, going so far as to post a picture of an owl mid-hunt on his Instagram page. Leaving us to decipher his message through emojis, it can be read as “Owls” and “Keys,” roughly translated to “Drake and Khaled.”

Of course, Khaled is a master marketer and knows exactly what he’s doing — one does not gain as many platinum plaques as he does without picking up a few tricks along the way. Expect him to continue leaving owl-related breadcrumbs until we get an official announcement, though given the DJ’s preference for summer releases, it’s likely to come sooner than later.