There’s a certain star quality possesses that will literally make 99.99% of people on this planet freeze up in her presence, even some of the biggest names in music. recently went on Instagram Live with where they discussed a plethora of topics but ultimately landed on the topic of Rihanna. “When RiRi show up, it’s a dance,” Khaled began before pulling out some Patois to drive his point home.

DJ Khaled Says He "Lost His Mind" When Rihanna Complimented His Suit
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

“Yo Tim, I ever tell you this story? Rihanna touched my suit one day and told me it looked good on me,” Khaled recounted. “I lost my mind.”

Tim chimed in with praise towards Rihanna’s voice. He explained that every time he runs into her, he doesn’t know what to say because her voice itself is so hypnotic.

“Yo Tim, I still can’t believe I produced a record on my album called ‘Wild Thoughts’ with RiRi. I still can’t believe it,” Khaled said. “You know I cried tears when I heard that record? Tears.”

“I was like, ‘No, he didn’t flip this,'” Timbaland said in response. “I said he in his bag. That’s why I wanted in [on] this first single that you got ’cause I know.”

The conversation teetered towards Khaled’s next single which is rumored to have , though no one has necessarily confirmed that yet. Peep the clip below.