DJ Akademiks Calls Out Freddie Gibbs For ‘Speaking In Codes’ When Dissing Rappers

DJ Akademiks has called out Freddie Gibbs for sneak dissing other rappers instead mentioning them by name – the second time in two days the Hip Hop personality has gone at Gibbs.

On Thursday (May 22), Aks tweeted he was sick the hypocrisy Gibbs and other rappers tagging “bloggers” like himself but never mentioning each other publicly.

“Freddie Gibbs hilarious.. quick asf to say something bout me and @ me on instagram.. but when he tryna throw shots at Gunna and TI he speaking in hieroglyphic codes,” he wrote. “Im sick u rappers who @ bloggers but speak in codes bout other rappers. SMH. and yall are gangsters 2. smh.”

Akademik’s tweet came in response to a series Gibbs’ Instagram Stories in which he labeled Aks “a bitch” and defended his opinion appearing on the show Crimestoppers was “snitch shit.”

“Akademiks, you a bitch –  let’s get that out the way first,” Gibbs said. “Secondly, yeah I do feel that way; if a nigga go on a crimestopper show or any kinda show, to me that’s some snitch shit, to me, personally. Thirdly, nigga, I ain’t saying no nigga’s names or calling no niggas out, or none that shit. That’s y’all saying these niggas’ names. Y’all calling out the motherfuckin’ crimestoppers nigga.”

He continued, “This ain’t no pick on Akademiks shit, nigga. That nigga ain’t gon’ bust a grape in a fruit fight. But y’know what I’m sayin’, like, when nigga getting on a motherfuckin’ goddamn show talkin’ bout, ‘these is ignorant statements’ – nah nigga, this a motherfuckin’ real statement, man. Y’all motherfuckers is promoting this snitch culture to these kids and shit, nigga. Promote these niggas to stay the fuck out the streets and they won’t have to snitch.”

Akademiks had originally criticized Gibbs on the latest episode Everday Struggle. He was asked what he thought about Gunna being labeled a snitch after a video from last year resurfaced him appearing on an episode Crimestoppers – a show where citizens report crimes anonymously without dealing with authorities.

DJ Akademiks Calls Out Freddie Gibbs For ‘Speaking In Codes’ When Dissing Rappers

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Aks said since Tekashi 6ix9ine’s release from prison, there’s more public attention on snitching, so the term needs to be clarified. He then referenced Gibbs’ recent tweet, saying people like him “complicate shit.”