Dive Deep Into Emily Litta’s “Messy” Sonic World

Young pop singer-songwriter Emily Litta is releasing a new single titled “Messy,” a brilliant song reflecting her mindset and approach to her craft. Filtered with a 90s vibe and underlined with a 00s attitude is probably the best way to describe her style, as she herself mentions in her bio. Italian, Kiwi and British is the multicultural mix that has propelled Litta’s openness of mind to unseen heights, as she knows no boundaries to her creations. What matters for Litta is that the song sounds good, and one thing is certain, “Messy” sounds amazing!

Last year, she released a single in collaboration with Duccio titled “What If?,” another popular track that further speed-up her rise in pop. “Control” and “Not A Love Song” are also among Litta’s fan-favorites. With elements of r&b incorporated into her overall pop soundscapes, Emily Litta secures an even wider reach to her music, with everyone now impatiently awaiting her next drop to be out already!

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