Discover A Rising Young Talent By The Name Of Jade Latrice

Chicago diva Jade Latrice and her stunning R&B music is the talk of town, and for good reason! To say that she’s amazing would be an understatement because Latrice has shown through her singles just how dedicated and passionate she is about her art. Of course, it shows in her voice and tone, in her heartfelt lyrics, and her emotional music that never fails to feel raw and intimate. Jade Latrice’s latest single is “The More” with its gorgeous music video and hundreds upon thousands of plays. The enticing rhythm sets the stage for a profound revelation, which is that life sometimes takes two people in completely different directions, and the good, warm memories of them is all we can hold on to.  

“While working with Makeba Riddick-Woods from Young Dreamers Agency and Cheo Green from Vector Management, we were able to produce a dope visual that aligned with the fade-away concept. To display spending time and the hopeful feeling of not wanting to lose those moments and connections as I pursue life goals and dreams,” Latrice said, speaking about the music video for “The More”. Make sure to check it out down below!