Discover A Rising Singer-Songwriter Zenith. Today

zenith. just dropped his sophomore track called “Skip”, a chill and smooth single about the best parts of life, and how sometimes the right thing to do is to just “skip” the not-so-good aspects of it. The song embodies the artist’s ideology and represents the most stunning, refreshingly new feel-good vibes we’ve heard in the last few months! Definitely a treat, “Skip” is on Spotify for you to enjoy!

zenith. first started making music about 3 years ago. In the beginning of his musical journey, the artist didn’t feel like he was being true to himself. Hoping to find a unique and authentic sound, he worked hard and allowed life to become his biggest tutor. The young talent is now completely immersed in sharing his art with full honesty, because he believes that music is best interpreted coming from a real place. zenith’s debut track “Freddy, Freddy” came out not too long ago and has already garnered thousands of streams, so make sure to check it out!