Dirty Harry Tops His Own Game With New Release “Shake Back”

If you love the rap game and follow news from the hip-hop world, you have definitely heard of his name: Harry Wright, better known as Dirty Harry, has been firing up the industry for the past several weeks. The FL-based rap monster was dropping one release after the other, not giving the urban world a break or time to digest the music they hear. His lyricism is poetic and strong: it holds the 90’s urban spirit and is not the usual mumble we are used to hearing today. His music is also layered and multidimensional. Thus listening to him and following his thoughts requires time. His music is a process you have to go through and discover a new layer with every step, drawing deeper into the world of the genius. 

After the releases of  “Blue Face” and “Sleepless Nights,”  it seemed like the artist reached his maximum potential. The production was perfect; everything was on point. However, his recent release “Shake Back” came to prove the artist still evolves and tops himself with each new release. His bar is now even higher. “Shake Back” shows that hard work pays off, and we are the witnesses of natural, raw talent evolving and developing into something artistically and creatively even bigger.