and when he sees a Cowboys jersey, he’s like a bull who has just seen red. Speaking of bulls, (ha, clever I know) Dennis Rodman was on this morning’s episode of “First Take” where he spoke to Stephen A., Max Kellerman, and Molly Qerim about the first two episodes of ESPN’s “The Last Dance.” Of course, Rodman was a huge part of ‘s Chicago Bulls dynasty and the crew wanted his perspective on everything that went down in the first two episodes.

Before Rodman could even get two words out, Smith was already gasping at the screen in horror which began to make Molly worried that something horrible had happened. Well, in the eyes of Smith, something bad did, in fact, happen. Yes, that’s right. Rodman was wearing a Dallas Cowboys jersey. Oh, the horror. 

Rodman admitted that he only did it to piss Stephen A. off which is certainly classic Rodman behavior. After a while, Smith finally calmed down and they were all able to move on with the interview as planned.

If there is anything this clip proves to us, it’s that even in a pandemic, Smith’s hatred for the Cowboys still weighs heavy on his soul.