Deftones tease arrival of ‘White Pony’ remix album ‘Black Stallion’

Deftones have teased the release of their highly-anticipated ‘White Pony’ remix album, ‘Black Stallion’.

In a tweet yesterday (October 28), the band shared a brief video featuring the initials ‘WP’ and ‘BS’ along with the image of a horse.


The ‘Black Stallion’ album has been on the cards for some time now. In May, the band suggested a 20th-anniversary re-issue of ‘White Pony’ could arrive this year. After being confirmed in June, Deftones said the special edition would include a remixed version of the LP.

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While the artists featured in ‘Black Stallion’ are yet to be confirmed, it was previously announced DJ Shadow has been enlisted for the project.

“We’d talk about the record before we’d done anything and say, ‘Our new record is going to be so good that we’re going to have DJ Shadow remix it’ and we’ll call it ‘Black Stallion’,” drummer Abe Cunningham told NME.

“I was DJing and opening for him before me and Chino cornered him at The Cattle Club [in Sacremento].

“We were like, ‘We want you to remix our record!’ He looked at us like we were crazy and said, ‘Send it to me and I’ll listen’.

“We told him, ‘We haven’t actually written or recorded it yet…’ It was batshit crazy of us, but what’s more crazy is that now he is part of it.”


Deftones released their latest album, ‘Ohms’, in September. The album was given a five-star review from NME upon its release, which described the tracks as “filthy metal anthems packing serious emotional clout”.