Declan McKenna has written a song inspired by Tottenham’s Heung-Min Son

Declan McKenna has revealed that he’s written a song loosely inspired by Tottenham Hotspur footballer Heung-Min Son.

The singer, who is an avid fan of Spurs, wrote ‘Sonny’ during sessions for his acclaimed second album ‘Zeros‘ – but it ultimately failed to make the final cut.

Speaking to the My First Match podcast, McKenna revealed that he teamed up with US singer Soren Bryce for the unreleased effort – which takes its title from the South Korean star’s affectionate nickname.


“It’s a brilliant song and I maybe should have included it in the album. It’s a really sad song and I will put it out,” he said.

“It has my friend Soren Bryce on it and it’s a slow song, but the end is too similar to ‘Eventually, Darling’ so it was just one or the other and ‘Eventually, Darling’ is just such an important song for the record.”

Opening up on the track, McKenna explained how he was accompanied by two dogs – who provided some unexpected vocals.

“Sonny is a very sad song that I wrote. It’s just me playing this beautiful guitar with flat wound strings and I was sat on a sofa chair,” he recalled.

“There was two Great Danes hanging out at the studio and one of them was set next to me purring – you can hear him bark at the start of the track. It was so nice.”

McKenna conceded that the track’s lyrics “aren’t actually” a love letter to the Spurs ace, but hinted that it could still be released in the near future.


“It’s a nice tune and I did say that after we hit number two we’d release something as a thank you and maybe that could be it. It could be a slightly more uplifting tune, but we’ll see how the world is faring and what the world needs,” he said.

And if Tottenham should end their twelve-year wait for a major trophy this season, McKenna says he’ll be the one leading the celebrations.

“If there’s a gig at White Hart Lane going, or a celebration in the street if we get round to winning something soon, I’m there and I’ll write a whole album for it,” he said.

“I’ll do whatever is needed for me in that situation because I’ve been waiting my whole life.”

Earlier this week, McKenna was also the latest artist to feature on NME’s home sessions – perform stripped back versions of ‘Twice Your Size’ and ‘Rapture’ from his latest record.

It reached number two in the UK album charts last month, after a closely fought battle with The Rolling Stones.