Dazy releasing ‘MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD: The First 24 Songs’ (watch the “Invisible Thing” video)

Dazy (the one-man band of James Goodson, also of Teen Death) has been putting out singles and EPs since 2020, all of which fuse '80s/'90s punk/indie with '60s psych-pop in a way that should appeal to fans of Superdrag, Weezer, Husker Du, and Redd Kross. Now, Dazy is putting out MAXIMUMBLASTSUPERLOUD: The First 24 Songs, which compiles all of the music he's released thus far, plus five new songs, on Friday (8/20) via Convulse Records. Along with the announcement comes new song "Invisible Thing," and we're premiering its video, which features grainy shots of James walking around and singing the song with a mic plugged into a portable guitar amp.

"'Invisible Thing' is the newest song on this collection and I think of it as the sharpest version of what I was trying to do with the first year of Dazy songs," James tells us. "It has a lot of melody, a lot of noise, a beat that you could pogo or dance to, and it's short. There's just some weird magic about drum machine sounds colliding with really raw guitars, and I'm always chasing that. The lyrics are about how we burden ourselves with all kinds of pressures and frustrations that really only exist in our heads. Sometimes it seems like it's human nature to undermine our own happiness. I'd love to leave that stuff in a rock song and out of my brain."

Check it out below…