Dave East Says ‘FUCC NYPD’ After He’s Taken Into Custody

Queens, NY – Dave East was reportedly taken into custody by the New York Police Department on Friday morning (May 22) and cited for marijuana possession and disorderly conduct.

According to NBC4 New York, the Harlem-bred rapper was in the backseat an SUV that failed to signal near the Queensbridge Houses. Although the driver the vehicle complied, East and another passenger allegedly became “combative” when asked to present identification.

Once ficers searched the vehicle, they discovered six bags marijuana. He was taken to the 114th police station and issued two summons for criminal possession marijuana and disorderly conduct.

East shared a video the incident to his Instagram account, which shows him being taken away in cuffs. In the background, people are yelling, “That’s just straight harassment!”


East is referencing his collaborator Kiing Shooter who died earlier this month. Shooter, who was signed Nas and Jungle’s Mass Appeal fshoot Street Dreams Records, released several freestyles with East in 2017 and eventually released his own single in June 2018 called “They Say.”

His debut EP Fucc The Doubters arrived a couple months later and also featured East, Don Q and Mac.

Dave East Says 'FUCC NYPD' After He's Taken Into Custody

Nas & Jungle Mourn Kiing Shooter’s Death

While no ficial cause death has been revealed, the 24-year-old rapper suffered from liver problems. Fellow Hip Hop artist Big Twins was informed the Queensbridge native was hospitalized because them. There’s speculation he possibly contracted COVID-19 while in the hospital.

“Kiing Shooter was one the new guys coming up in Queensbridge,” Big Twins told implurnt at the time. “Nas just signed ‘em to Street Dream Records. He was coming with it. What’s crazy is that Alchemist just hit me three days ago, asking me, ‘Who’s this dude Shooter? He’s nice.’

“He was the one that broke through the most, getting hundreds thousands views on YouTube and really coming with it. Me and his father go way back … we used to play basketball together and he used to date my older sister. But Shooter next up to represent the Bridge … I’m stunned today. Rest in peace Shooter.”