Daniel Seavey Surprise-Releases ‘Dancing in the Dark’ EP

Daniel Seavey is delivering on his promise of new music. On Friday, the former Why Don’t We member surprise-released his debut EP, Dancing in the Dark, featuring seven songs, most of which he self-wrote and produced.

The EP features previously released singles “I Tried,” “Runaway,” and “Can We Pretend That We’re Good?” It also includes the airy “Give It a Week,” guitar-driven “Nothing Compares,” along with EP opener “Fall Into You.”

“My goal in every song is to make something nobody has ever heard. That may be cliché, but the music can speak for itself,” he told Rolling Stone last year. “I have been writing and producing the majority of my work completely on my own, in my house.”

The singer announced that he’d be releasing an EP in an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this year, though he had named it Dancing in the Light instead of Dark. “For myself and for my sanity, I’m going to be so authentically me,” he told Rolling Stone in January. “If it hurts me, I can at least die knowing I did that for myself because I needed to.”

Seavey embarked on his debut tour, Introducing Daniel Seavey, earlier this year, where he played “Fall Into You” and “Leave Me Alone” for the first time. The music arrives amid a legal battle for “music freedom,” per a press release, after being involved in a lawsuit with Why Don’t We’s former management company. (The group went on hiatus last summer.)

“When the band broke up, I could have let it turn me into a vegetable and it would’ve actually been easier,” he said. “But I did not waste a minute. I started working [on music] and for the first time, I decided to do it. It wasn’t someone telling me to do it. I wanted to do it.”


Dancing in the Dark Track List

1. “Fall Into You”
2. “Give It a Week”
3. “Nothing Compares”
4. “Can We Pretend That We’re Good?”
5. “I Tried”
6. “Leave Me Alone”
7. “Runaway”