Dan Orlovsky didn’t exactly have the most productive NFL career although since then, he has become an analyst for ESPN and is featured on numerous shows. Orlovsky went on a bit of a tear today and he had none other than Damian Lillard in his sights. This was all because Lillard stated that he wouldn’t want to play any games at a remote site if it meant his team had absolutely zero chance of making it to the NBA playoffs.

Orlovsky was very much against Lillard’s line of thinking and stated that he thought Dame was being an “entitled and spoiled” brat. Lillard ended up becoming privy to these comments on unleashed on social media, telling Orlovsky that he should watch it and that he knows nothing about how Lillard got to his current position. Not to mention, Lillard made sure to throw in a shot at Orlovsky’s suspect stats.

The former NFL quarterback immediately backed down upon witnessing Lillard’s anger and issued a quick yet effective apology that had most fans laughing at him for backpedaling.

Either way, if there is anything we have learned here, it’s that you don’t disparage the good name of Damian Lillard just because he has some very valid health concerns about resuming the NBA season. It’s a fight you’re never going to win.