While is easily one of the most  there remains one constant criticism that has long-dogged the Kirk rapper: the “same flow” critique. It’s become somewhat of a meme, to the point where Baby himself even acknowledged it on “Bop”: “Ayy, when you gon’ switch the flow? I thought you’d never ask.” Clearly, the man’s formula remains successful in spite of the flow haters, though skeptics have reasoned that evolution is a crucial component of longevity.

DaBaby Has Switched Up The Flow

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Fast forward to today, as DaBaby took to Instagram to preview an upcoming banger. And guess what — he’s exploring new territory in the flow department, arguably the most radical departure he’s taken thus far. It also happens to be the most melodic work we’ve seen from Baby, as he rides the acoustic guitar progression with an autotune-tinged cadence. “You know how people like to come out when you level up,” he spits, finding a solid pocket and going in. “I made a change you stayed the same, I got ahead of ya.”

The change was not lost on , with whom Baby recently  “Someone’s looking for a new flow,” teases Boat, sliding into the comment section with the googly-eyes. also chimed in with the co-sign, inviting himself to the party with promises of a “dumb dumb” verse. No matter how it plays out, it seems as if Baby is continuing to evolve as an artist, and this as-of-yet untitled track signals great things for his next album.