Attending YouTube Music’s star-studded Leaders & Legends event last night, both and spent time in Atlanta with some of the most iconic movers and shakers in the music industry. Starting off the year, Future has seen his name hit the headlines for so many different reasons. , . Throughout his artistic career, Future’s personal life has been a huge topic in the tabloids with popular media figures like clowning him for his supposedly weak pull-out game. . Da Brat joked that, just by taking a picture with him, she got pregnant and is officially his twenty-third baby moms.

Da Brat Laughs That She's Future's Next Baby Mama: "I Think I'm Pregnant"
Paras Griffin/Getty Images

After the soirée ended, Da Brat took to her social media profiles to share a photo she had taken with Future, laughing that she was feeling some morning sickness coming on as a result. “I can’t even lie, @future is a charmer,” wrote the legendary rapper. “I think I’m pregnant‼️ #babymama #23.”

The seed is so strong with Future that he doesn’t even need to get into bed with another woman for them to feel his effect. At this point, a tap on the shoulder is all it takes to have his baby. Lori Harvey better watch out… Da Brat is calling next.