Curtis Roach Releases ‘Luv Bug’ EP

Curtis Roach celebrates Valentine’s Day by dropping his new EP Luv Bug. The four-track release is his follow-up to 2019’s Lellow project.

“Back in June I made a project called Lellow which was me exercising my abilities to make more solid songs with different sounds that I would usually rap to,” he says in a press release. “Not saying the songs I made before Lellow were bad or anything because my mixtapes are super solid for the time and age I was, but I would usually have like 24 bar verses and no hooks and would go on and on for a whole 3 mins.

“This time around I wanted to grow even more with my songwriting abilities. Exercising my melodies and more ster side. I think love is a very important part everybody’s life. Everybody needs it, the weather is self-love, platonic, or romantic. everybody feels it in a way and I think that this feeling is the perfect way to channel into writing and making a good ass song. Some the best songs, in my opinion, are revolving around love in some way. Make up a break up it’s something that we all can relate to.”

View Roach’s Luv Bug stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Curtis Roach Releases 'Luv Bug' EP

1. Glenn Jones
2. Nothin’
3. Call Me When U Get Home
4. Rosé on a Tuesday