Cruel World fest 2023 set times (Siouxsie, Iggy Pop, Love and Rockets, Echo and the Bunnymen, more)

The 2023 edition of ’80s-oriented Pasadena, CA festival Cruel World happens this Saturday, May 20 at Brookside @ Rose Bowl, and the set times have been revealed. There are three stages, and Siouxsie closes out the night unopposed on the Outsiders Stage, playing what’s currently the only North American date on her first tour in 15 years, but elsewhere there are some conflicting sets to choose between. Those include Iggy Pop vs The Human League, Love and Rockets (who begin their reunion tour at the festival) vs Billy Idol, Molchat Doma vs Gang of Four, and Modern English vs The Soft Moon. See the schedule in full below.

Cruel World also announced that The Motels dropped off the lineup, “due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Cruel World 2023 set times