‘Connections’ answers and hints for today, April 28

Out of the many daily puzzles available online, the New York Times’ Connections game is one of the trickiest. For those playing for the first time, the goal of Connections is to divide a block of 12 words into four common themes. Some of these – for example, grouping four types of fish – can be very straightforward, while others can be far more abstract. If you’ve found yourself stumped by the latter, we’ve put together Connections answers and hints for today (April 28) below.

If you already know how to play Connections, you can skip this paragraph to jump straight into today’s solution. But if this is your first time attempting the New York Times’ puzzle (or you just need a refresher), we suggest thinking outside of the box for your answers.

Some groups are deliberately deceptive – using a previous day’s puzzle as an example, you may think ‘Heart’, ‘Cell’, ‘Body’ and ‘Nucleus’ are all connected through biology. But you’d be wrong, as ‘Heart’ and ‘Nucleus’ were actually two of four “Nexus” words on the day we’ve used as an example. Think beyond what a word means literally, try to see subtle patterns, and your luck with Connections will improve drastically. That being said, some days are still fiendishly difficult – and if you’re still stuck, check below for the Connections answer for today.

Connections hints for April 28

If you’re still trying to solve April 28’s Connections yourself, here are all of the words in play today and some hints on what each group is.

  • Snow
  • Ram
  • Fierce
  • Proud
  • Virgin
  • Hail
  • Bloody
  • Noise
  • Deep
  • Bump
  • Fuzz
  • Intense
  • Butt
  • Static
  • Extreme
  • Knock

With that in mind, here are four hints for April 28

  • Yellow: a strong feeling
  • Green: collide with something
  • Blue: when an analog TV glitches
  • Purple: words that come before “Mary”

Connections groups for April 28

If you’re still trying to piece everything together, here are all four of today’s groups.

  • Yellow: passionate, as a feeling
  • Green: bang into
  • Blue: analog TV interference
  • Purple: __ Mary


Connections answers for April 28

Finally, here are the answers for Connections #322 on Sunday, April 28.

  • Yellow group: passionate, as a feeling (deep, extreme, fierce, intense)
  • Green group: bang into (bump, butt, knock, ram)
  • Blue group: analog TV interference (fuzz, noise, snow, static)
  • Purple group: __ Mary (bloody, hail, proud, virgin)

You can check back for up-to-date hints and answers for each day’s Connections puzzle. If you get stuck elsewhere, we’ve also got answers for several other daily games – including Wordle, Framed, and Globle.