Comedian Nick Swardson booed off stage after appearing to be inebriated

Comedian Nick Swardson was escorted off stage during his comedy set in Beaver Creek due to his behaviour.

The 47-year-old, best known for appearing in Reno 911!, Blades Of Glory and Grown Ups 2, was performing as a headliner at the Vilar Performing Arts Centre in Colorado when he started to exhibit strange behaviour which caused the audience to heckle him.

Just 20 minutes into the set, Swardson appears to be slurring his words, rambling, and seemingly struggling to keep the crowd’s attention. In a viral clip of the show, one audience member can be heard saying: “What’d do you smoke before you came out?”


One particular segment of the show involved a lengthy build-up to an impersonation of Jason Statham with Swardson repeatedly saying, “Here we go”, causing one audience member to say: “I have to go, I’m sorry. I can’t take it, I can’t take it, I can’t take it. Let’s go to the bathroom,” as another can be heard heckling: “You suck!”

After significant booing from the crowd, the comedian’s microphone was cut and the spotlights went out. One audience member shouted ‘Refund!’ as Swardson said: “What the fuck! Let’s go!” before bringing up late comedian Norm Macdonald, to whom Swardson paid tribute on his Instagram in February.

As Swardson was led off the stage, he parted with a brief shaka sign, as some members of crowd cheered him off.

Following his abrupt exit, the director of operations greeted the audience and told them refunds would be issued, as well as apologising to attendees.


As per TMZ, an email that was distributed to guests following the event read: “We apologise for the negative experience you may have had at this evening’s performance with Nick Swardson. Unfortunately, this show did not meet the Vilar Performing Arts Centre’s standards as a world-class presenter of the performing arts.”

The email continued:  “Therefore, all tickets will be refunded to the original payment method. Please accept our sincere apologies, and be in touch if there is anything we can do to further assist you.”