Six police officers in Atlanta were arrested today (June 2) after a disturbing video circulated showing them assaulting two college students. On Saturday (May 30), 22-year-old Messiah Young and 20-year-old Taniyah Pilgrim were in a car stuck in traffic on an Atlanta street when police began knocking on their window. Soon they were surrounded by a number of officers as one took a baton to break the driver’s side window. They were pulled from the vehicle, tased, assaulted, and arrested.

In a press conference, both college students spoke about their recent harrowing incident after it was announced that and charged. “He did the worse thing,” Pilgrim said about one of the officers. ” off he said that he was going to shoot us. This is stuff that shouldn’t be said after all the trauma.”

“I’m very shaken up, I don’t know how to act or what to do,” she added. “I just can’t stop thinking about if cameras weren’t there or if they would have went a little bit further – I can’t stop thinking about what could have happened.” Messiah said, “this isn’t just about us. This is an entire generation that has to deal with brutality and injustice and wrong-doing for nothing because of the color of their skin or simply because what they prefer.” Watch below.