CocoRosie launch GoFundMe after losing home in forest fire

CocoRosie have launched a GoFunMe page after losing their home in a forest fire.

The duo launched the page earlier this week (August 10) with a target of $25,000 (£18,000).

Describing what happened, the duo wrote: “A few days ago we lost our family home to a forest fire. The fire took everything, our family history in a material sense, all of our mother’s artwork and possessions, all of our family photographs, our collection of musical instruments and recording equipment, our costumes and on and on, not to mention all of the basic things one has to live a life.

“By everything we mean to say there is only ashes on the ground and a few metal shells of things. Fortunately, our engineer has a backup of our new record in progress which we were just working on days before the fire, and in the wake of this shocking disaster we want to get some of these new creations out to stir up a sense of hope and positive transformation undoubtedly needed for so many of us at this time.”

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They continued, “We know this event is a part of a bigger story which is touching so much life on earth right now. If you feel moved to donate, it will go directly to helping us recreate our home studio so we can continue to create our work.

“The insurance will cover a good amount of re-building the structure of the house but it will not cover the music studio or any of the equipment or any other things lost. Sincerely Sierra and Bianca, CocoRosie.”

You can donate to the duos GoFundMe page here.