CloudPainter Members Rekindle Old Friendships & Release “Love Come Down”

After leading years of solo careers, Cloud Microphones founder and multi-talented musician, RJ Cloud, reunites with long-time friend and collaborator, Liz Painter, known for her full-length albums Home Before Dark, What If…, and Perfect Girl. The two join forces and form the Arizona Folk-Rock band, CloudPainter, along with bass guitarist Steve Smith and drummer Josh Sailor. The up-and-coming group has just premiered its debut single  “Love Come Down,” which delivers perfectly curated instrumentals and appeasing melodies.

Band’s vocalist Liz Painter says that the new single was inspired by the story of how they originally met in Tucson, and how “sharing creativity among a new circle created lifelong friendships.”  She explains: “As time passed, we soon felt like life and love would carry us all away from each other, but the bonds of these friendships only continued to deepen. The chorus, “Is love gonna come down and carry you away someday, do you believe we can fly through a beautiful sky?” reflects a feeling of hope that our lives and individual paths would come full circle.”

CloudPainter members show great synergy and harmony. Painter even admits that they have “a lot of fun and play off each other’s ideas with a great deal of enthusiasm.” She reveals: “The process between RJ and I has always been engaging, with one idea spurring another. Adding Steve Smith (bass) and Josh Sailor (drums) takes it to another level. Steve’s a seasoned session player and brings a lot of character to the music. And Josh always lays down a great feeling groove that really opens things up.”

The positive dynamics of the band echoes in its creative work. Following in the footsteps of legendary musicians like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, and Pink Floyd, CloudPainter inject a sense of nostalgia into their songs and reintroduce the genre in a new light by integrating elements of Southern Rock, R&B, and Psychedelia. “Love Come Down” gives listeners a preview of what the group, emerging from the Arizona deserts, have to offer.

Listen to “Love Come Down” here: