Clinton Kane responds to allegations that he “faked” his mother’s death

Clinton Kane has responded to allegations that he “faked” his mother’s death.

The Australian singer-songwriter was accused of being a “master manipulator” and lying about his mother’s death by ex and influencer Brooke Schofield, who took to TikTok to make the claims.

Schofield, who apparently dated Kane two years ago, made the 14-part series to accuse him of trying to get an interview with Zach Sang deleted after commenters noticed he had lied about his mother’s death.

She additionally claimed that Kane told her that his mother was Norwegian, blonde, and a Hillsong pastor who had neglected him in his childhood. However, Schofield and other commenters alleged his mother was actually from the Philippines and was living in the country, saying in the video: “His mom is Asian as is he. Why would you lie about that? I could tell that he’s an extreme pathological liar.”


Now, in a statement sent to Rolling Stone on Thursday (June 27), Kane’s representative has claimed the “mother” he referred to in the interview was “a very special mother-like figure in his teenage years, who sadly passed” and not his biological mother.

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“Clinton Kane and Brooke Schofield had a brief, three-month relationship over two years ago,” the statement read. “Brooke’s recent comments regarding Clinton are untrue.”


“Clinton regrets the way this devastating news was communicated at the time,” the statement continued. “Clinton genuinely felt that he had lost an irreplaceable mother figure. Clinton was and largely is estranged from his immediate family.”

The statement did not address any other allegations that Schofield made.

In other news, Clinton Kane performed a Home Sessions performance for NME in 2021 and opened up about his song ‘Hopeless’: “This song is quite self-deprecating,” he says of ‘Hopeless’. “So if you’re in that spot of your life right now – as well as me – I advise you not to listen to this and just go on right ahead and leave.”