Christina Applegate Turned Down Offer to Appear on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’

Christina Applegate revealed that she could have been a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. On the most recent episode of her podcast, MeSsy, which she co-hosts with Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Applegate she was approached about the reality series but decided not to do it.

“I was asked to be a housewife for Beverly Hills,” Applegate said. “They asked me to be one, probably ten years ago, I would say. And what’s funny is I ended up becoming really good friends with the executive producer of it because our kids went to school together. And he’s like, ‘Oh yeah, we asked you.’ I said, ‘Chris, now that you know me, would I have been a fun housewife?’ He’s like, ‘No, it would’ve been the most boring s— I’ve ever seen in my life.’”

The actress continued by saying she agreed that she would have been completely boring on the show. “I wouldn’t have shown up to any dinners,” Applegate confirmed. “I would’ve been in my sweatpants and I’d be laying in bed. What fun is that? No, none of that. No, no. I would be the worst housewife anyway.”

Applegate and Sigler launched the podcast to discuss their shared struggles with MS. In a recent episode, which was recorded several months prior to its broadcast, Applegate detailed a “pretty bad” relapse. “My legs have never been this bad,” she said. “I don’t know what’s going on, like, no energy, legs are just done, like, can’t get circulation, I can’t get them to stop hurting.”


Sigler, who revealed in 2016 that she was diagnosed with MS when she was 20, said, “Sometimes you can be doing all the right things, and it’s not fixing the problem.” Applegate replied, “So then you do all the wrong things, and you just lay in a dark room watching TV, wanting it all to go away. And that’s kind of where I’m at.”

A rep for Applegate confirmed to People that Applegate’s relapse occurred “months ago” when the podcast episode was recorded, which explains how the actress was able to make an appearance at the Emmys earlier this year. Applegate received a huge show of support at the awards show, where she presented the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy. The audience gave her a standing ovation, and Applegate even joked about it in the moment, quipping: “You’re totally shaming me, with a disability, by standing up — it’s fine!”