CHAI and Superorganism share new collaboration ‘Hero Journey’

CHAI and Superorganism have teamed up on a new collaboration – listen to ‘Hero Journey’ below.

The Japanese punks released third album ‘WINK’ last year via Sub Pop, while Domino-signed Superorganism are currently prepping for the release of second album ‘World Wide Pop’, out next week (July 15).

Speaking of the new collaboration, one of a handful of songs they’ve been peppering throughout 2022 so far, CHAI said: “Is the job of a ‘justice-seeking’ HERO only to defeat ‘evil?’ Perhaps the opposite of ‘justice’ isn’t ‘evil,’ but rather ‘another form of justice?!’


“‘Me and mine, you and yours… what each of us calls ‘justice,’ should be able to dance amongst one other! That HERO you all see, is who CHAI wants to be. Gathr all your friends you love cus’ we’re going to fly again today! It’s that type of song!”

Listen to ‘Hero Journey’ below.

Back in February, CHAI launched a GoFundMe campaign after their tour trailer was stolen in Austin, Texas.

The band – who were on tour in North America with Mitski at the time – took to social media to break the news, sharing that “three kinds of costumes and merchandise are gone”.

Following ‘WINK’, CHAI released the EP ‘WINK TOGETHER’, which is comprised of six remixes of their May 2021 album, ‘WINK’.


The album – the band’s third – received a four-star rating from NME, with Rhian Daly writing: “CHAI’s latest album might arrive just as the world begins to open up, but it will continue to dole out reassurance and relief long after the pandemic era has finally come to an end.”