Not to worry, Bardi Gang: Cardi revealed that her next single will be arriving “very soon.” On Friday (May 22nd), Cardi connected with fans over Instagram live where she made the exciting announcement. She told her 80K+ viewers that they can expect to hear the lead single off her highly anticipated sophomore album in the very near future.

“My single’s coming very, very soon, okay guys?” she told her fans. She went on to tease them that “my single’s coming when I lose weight…never!” before adding, “no, it’s coming real soon, I swear. Y’all gon’ love it.”

After her persistent fans asked her how soon is “soon,” she replied, “Very. I don’t want to give too much information because my fans be watching but also the haters too.”

Cardi B's New Single Should Be Out "Very Soon"Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

This single, , will mark Cardi’s first solo release since “Press” in May of 2019. Although she’s done features for other artists since then, it’s been a long time since fans have gotten a strictly Cardi single. Bardi Gang has been waiting even longer for  to her 2018 debut, Invasion of Privacy, especially after  However, the arrival of a lead single is a good sign that the new album is on the way.

In the past few months,  presumably off the new album, including  However, according to @CardiBTeam on Twitter, she specified that “Respect” will not serve as the lead single.