was involved in a war of words on Tuesday in the early morning hours. The rapper has regularly spoken openly about political topics and even interviewed Bernie Sanders last year, so it didn’t come as a surprise that she vocalized an interest in joining the political arena. “I do feel like if I go back to school and focus up I can be part of Congress,” the Invasion of Privacy rapper tweeted. “” There were plenty of people who responded to Cardi’s political aspirations, but one woman, an actress and Trump supporter named Mindy Robinson took the time to correct her grammar.

Cardi B Beefs With Trump Fan Who Trolled Her About Wanting To Run For Office
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

Robinson took a screenshot of Cardi’s tweet and let her red pen fly. She changed Cardi’s message to read: “I felt like if I went back to school and really focused I could get voted into Congress.. I just need a couple of years of school and I can shake the table.” Robinson added that she doubts Cardi has any sensable ideas and told her she needs more than just a couple of years back in school.

The Trump support’s tweet went viral and it didn’t take long for Cardi to see her amended words—and she was less than thrilled. “Let me tell you something.If you are a conservative & if you support a opposite party that’s OK( unless you racist)we can get into friendly debates on here voice your opinion…” The rapper added, “And I’ll voice mines HOWEVER don’t try me and don’t take my kindness for weakness.I BE VIOLATING!!! I don’t really like being on that type of time.We grown ! Let’s be grown .Lets teach and learn.”

She wasn’t backing down, so Robinson took another verbal shot at Cardi. “I went to college for both American History and Political Science, although to be fair..than Cardi B. 👌🏻,” she tweeted. Cardi took another jab as well by insulting Robinson’s looks. Check out their exchange below.