BTS’ RM says he’s looking to find himself again during the boyband’s break

RM, the leader of K-pop boyband BTS, has opened up about how he’s getting to know himself again now that the group is on an extended break.

BTS have been forced to go on a temporary break due to South Korea’s mandatory military service for all able-bodied males. But RM has taken advantage of this pause for the boyband to release his debut studio album ‘Indigo’ and travel the world.

RM was recently in Spain in search for inspiration for a possible follow-up record. “I wanted to see artworks by Goya, Velazquez and Picasso for inspiration and I’ve been to the Prado and other museums,” he told Spanish news agency EFE. But more than inspiration for his music, the K-pop idol revealed he’s also doing some soul-searching during this break.


“After 10 years as a member of BTS, I didn’t know who I was and I wanted to know,” he said. “I started out as a teenage rapper, then BTS came along and it was all very intense. Now that the group is inactive, I’ve gone back to thinking about the beginnings and the real reasons why I joined BTS.”

RM believes that BTS will enter a “second phase” when they eventually reunite after the end of their enlistments. “When you are famous, staying on top is very difficult, but I think BTS will make it,” RM said, though remarking that “nothing lasts forever”.

Meanwhile, bandmate Jimin is set to release his debut solo album ‘FACE’ later this month. The record will feature six songs, two of which – ‘Face Off’ and ‘Like Crazy’ – were co-written by RM.