BriGuel Empower, Inspire, And Imagine Tomorrow’s World On New Album 2020 Vision

BriGuel have been actively involved in the fields of arts and culture for years now, as actors, producers, editors, musicians, composers, and film directors, releasing multiple short films, singles, and music videos. 

The artist couple, Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern, return today with a powerful collaboration with Andres Gonzales, skilled rapper and co-founder of the Holistic Life Foundation that operates in Baltimore, helping underprivileged children through mindfulness, meditation, and many other activities and workshops. 

BriGuel met Andres Gonzales while partnering-up with the HLF last year on the project The Difference, a documentary that built bridges between the HLF’s main activities and music, while simultaneously releasing the documentary’s soundtrack also titled “The Difference”. 

Along with Andres Gonzales, BriGuel are now releasing a 7-track album titled 2020 Vision, in which they share their visionary outlook on the past, present, and future of the world, urging all humans to reach new awareness levels in order to create a world where justice, equality, and tolerance are the key principles that direct our lives.  

The beauty of their work lies in the strong and empowering messages they have been consistently spreading, through a unique signature sound that blends Brianne Berkson’s heavenly vocals with Miguel’s strong rap flow, and on 2020 Vision, with Andres Gonzales’ impressive rapping skills. 

Heal your souls by listening to 2020 Vision below: