‘Bridgerton’ Star Nicola Coughlan Finally Releases Her ‘Real Housewives’-Style Novelty Pop Song

‘That’s Karma, Bitch’

“Shoes…More Shoes” will also raise money for LGBTQ+ charities

A couple of weeks after an interview that Bridgerton and Derry Girls star Nicola Coughlan gave went viral, since she joked about making a campy song à la the Real Housewives’ Countess Luann, she has officially turned that joke into a reality. And she’s using the song to raise money for good causes.

Earlier in June, Coughlan answered a question on the U.K.’s Hits Radio X about what career she’d have if she weren’t acting. “I sometimes think, you know when the Real Housewives release pop songs just exclusively for gay men?” she said. “That’s, like, my dream job. ‘Shoes and private yachts, caviar, and more shoes.’ So I would keep your eye on this space in terms of that song. I have many more lyrics in me, don’t you worry.” She joked that she should be known as the “John Lennon of the west of Ireland.”

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On Friday, Coughlan and her collaborator, Ellis Miah, posted her magnum opus — “Shoes…More Shoes” — to major streaming services. Over a bouncy house beat, she deadpans the glamorous lyrics she improvised on the radio show: “Let me tell you something, money can’t buy you class/It can buy you a shit ton of shoes, private yachts, caviar, more shoes.” Toward the end she says, “This one is for all the wee lesbians … have you ever noticed that transphobes have really shitty hair? That’s karma, bitch.”


On Instagram, she wrote that the song would raise money for the organizations Not a Phase and the Trevor Project.

“Like Lennon & McCartney, Dylan, and the other great lyricists, I too wrote my first song by improvising some voice notes to Ellis Miah in the 30 minutes I had before getting ready to go to Mighty Hoopla,” Coughlan wrote. “Thank you to all the Queer Icons and Real Housewives who served as inspiration, I live for you. … Happy Pride.”