Brad Pitt’s charity has left Hurricane Katrina victims stranded

A report has shown that victims of Hurricane Katrina are still struggling after Brad Pitt’s charity failed to deliver promised funds.

The story was broken by The Hollywood Reporter, which described how homeowners in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward are still left struggling, after the homes that were rebuilt for them after the hurricane have been compromised by rot, mould and structural defects.

The homes were built by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation, and in some cases, had to be rebuilt three times over between the period of 2005 (when the hurricane hit) and 2014. Following the poor living conditions of the newly-built properties, the residents launched a 2018 class-action lawsuit, which sought damages against the non-profit organisation and Pitt himself.


In 2022, however, another charity, Global Green USA – which also has famous connections and a history of helping rebuild infrastructure in the area – offered to step in and pay a $20.5million (£16.3million) settlement. However, as per the report, the charity never possessed the money.

Destroyed houses after Hurricane Katrina
Destroyed houses after Hurricane Katrina. CREDIT: Mario Tama/Getty Images

“This has been one long nightmare,” resident Albert Matthews told the publication, “It’s been very stressful for all of us. My mother [91-year-old, Marion Bryan], she’s never seen the end of the tunnel from Katrina.”

According to newly-reported case files, soon after the pact was announced, Global Green attempted to back down on their promised funds. This was because it never had the money to cover the commitment and was instead trying to raise it through donations.

It also suggested blame lay with Pitt, as the actor was facing PR fallout at the time, after ex-wife Angelina Jolie accused him of abusing her and their children.

Destroyed houses after Hurricane Katrina
Destroyed houses after Hurricane Katrina. CREDIT: Mario Tama/Getty Images

Speaking with THR, Global Green CEO Bill Bridge said that the non-profit organisation was unable to pay the funds promised as it has been brought into “the snake pit”:

“Global Green was willing to make every effort to raise the funds, but when it wasn’t fast enough or to the level those parties required, Global Green became the scapegoat for what essentially has been the failure of the parties to resolve the matter,” he said.

Similarly, in a statement, Pitt’s team denied any notion that the actor was responsible for the lack of necessary funds and claimed that Global Green is solely responsible for the broken promise:

“Brad had supported Global Green many years ago, so when they approached his team stating ‘$20.5M in funding’ had been secured by their ‘generous donors,’ there was interest in considering their proposal,” said a spokesperson at Hiltzik Strategies to the publication.

“Global Green represented themselves as having already obtained these funds and planned to use them toward resolving all claims in the ongoing lawsuit for the benefit of the homeowners.”

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt. CREDIT: James Devaney/GC Images

Former Global Green leader, Matt Petersen, also shared his disappointment at the ongoing situation. “I simply can’t understand why Global Green would make a hollow commitment to pay the settlement [when they] didn’t have the resources to begin with,” he said.

“That is just reprehensible to leave those homeowners holding the bag and betrays the legacy of Global Green.”

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