BLACKPINK drop fierce music video for lead single ‘Shut Down’

BLACKPINK have released the music video for ‘Shut Down’, the lead single from their newly released sophomore album ‘Born Pink’.

The fierce new visual, set in between a sleek white garage and a city after hours, sees BLACKPINK confidently recounting their successes as a musical act. “It’s not a comeback since we’ve never left / Heads turning, careful you’ll strain your neck / Pink ice drip drip drip freeze ‘em on sight,” Jennie declares in the opening verse for the track.

There are also callbacks to scenes from the girl group’s past music videos like ‘Boombayah’, ‘Whistle’, and ‘Kill This Love’.


Apart from confident lyricism, ‘Shut Down’ also incorporates snippets from ‘La campanella’, a violin solo by Italian composer and violinist Niccolò Paganini.

The music video for ‘Shut Down’ was accompanied by the release of ‘Born Pink’, arriving two years after the release of the group’s debut studio album, ‘The Album’. According to YG Entertainment, the title for the album “implies the identity” of the group, “which is never ordinary and will exude a fatal aura”.

Listen to ‘Born Pink’ below.

The eight-track record features ‘Pink Venom’, the first track from the album pre-released last month; and ‘Ready For Love’, which premiered at a virtual concert staged in collaboration with PUBG Mobile.


BLACKPINK’s sophomore record also sees members Rosé and Jisoo receive songwriting credits for ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’. Notably, this marks the second time that Jisoo has received a writing credit for a song, after being credited alongside Jennie as a writer for 2020 track ‘Lovesick Girls’.