“Bite Down”

Entering Rosali’s musical realm feels like going under anesthesia: disorientating at first until the mind drifts into blissful detachment. “Bite Down,” the title track from her fourth album, is no exception. As we sink into its hypnotic embrace, James Schroeder’s electric guitar reverberates in the distance and Kevin Donahue’s drums keep us tethered. Destroyer pianist Ted Bois creeps in with an unworldly melody, accompanied by the soft wail of Megan Siebe’s cello. Only then does the singer-songwriter emerge, her voice a disarming beacon through the darkness.

“I can’t seem to bring myself ashore,” croons Rosali. Is she pleading for salvation or relishing the abyss? “Everything has a price/What’s it worth to you?” she asks, momentarily fading out. But like a resurrected spirit, she returns, gasping for breath, attempting to walk through waves of gently swelling synths reminiscent of Aimee Mann’s “Lost in Space,” but with a sweeter aura. “What’s it worth to you?” repeats Rosali. The question lingers in the air long after she’s parted, this time for good, leaving us with more questions than answers. She knows better than to close the door on introspection.