Billie Eilish shares new album teaser on ‘Close Friends’ Instagram story

Billie Eilish shared a new teaser of a possible new album yesterday (April 5) on Instagram, after adding fans to her ‘Close Friends’ story. 

The musician added all her fans as ‘Close Friends’ on the social media platform, with many surprised to see the ‘green bubble’ circling on her story and then realising they’d been added. 

The image Eilish shared is of a single door half-open along with some mid-air droplets and fans think this could be some new album cover art.

After news of the ‘close friends’ list started circulating among fan communities, Eilish gained six million new Instagram followers in a single day. You can visit her story here


It comes after a series of billboards appeared to tease Eilish‘s forthcoming album started to pop up in major cities across the world recently.

Although they do not feature the album title, the billboards which have appeared in New York, Los Angeles and Sydney, feature her blohsh symbol and what appear to be lyric snippets saying things like “Did I cross the line?,” “I try to live in black and white” and “She’s the headlights I’m the deer.”


The lyrics on the billboards also feature a shade of blue that is now the profile photo and backdrop of her social media accounts

Eilish’s team used a similar tactic in 2021 to tease the release of her second full-length album, ‘Happier Than Ever’.

It comes after Eilish revealed that her forthcoming third album is mastered, signifying that it is complete, back in Feburary.

Back in December, Eilish also confirmed the album was “almost done,” and that fans will know more “at some point.”


Last year, the pop signer opened up about what had changed in the creative process while working on her third album.

“Everything is different about it,” she said of the music making process while appearing as a guest on Dua Lipa‘s At Your Service podcast. “I’ve been trying to compare recently, just because I’m getting used to doing it in a different way. And trying to be like, ‘It’s OK to do that. I’m OK. I’m still able to do that; I’m capable still.’”

She elaborated on exactly what’s changed, explaining: “The way that I exist in the room is different, my voice has completely changed since then…The voice-changing thing is a trip! It’s all kind of shocking.”

In other news, Eilish along with Robert Smith, Stevie Wonder and Nicki Minaj and other artists recently signed an open letter warning against the “predatory” use of artificial intelligence (AI) in music.