BIG | BRAVE prep collab album with The Body; guitarist Mathieu Ball lists his top 10 LPs of 2020

Having last released the very good A Gaze Among Them in 2019, Montreal post-metal band BIG | BRAVE recently revealed that they finished up work on a collaborative album with The Body. "Had been talking about making a record with these lads for a while," BIG | BRAVE wrote when they posted the above picture. "With the indispensable coconspirator [Seth Manchester, co-operator of Rhode Island's Machines With Magnets studio], we finally did! Can’t wait to share what we’ve done."

While you wait for more on that, we asked BIG | BRAVE guitarist Mathieu Ball what his favorite albums of 2020 were, and he responded with a list that includes Horse Lords, Sumac, Anna Von Hausswolff, Irreversible Entanglements, FACS, and more. See his list below.

Meanwhile, The Body also have a new album coming in January.

Mathieu Ball's Favorite Albums of 2020

Horse Lords – The Common Task
Sumac – You May be Held
Anna Von Hausswolff – All Thoughts Fly
Clarice Jensen – The Experience of Repetition as Death
Richard Skelton – Song To Vega
Harvey Milk – Live at Supersonic 2008
The Necks – Three
Sarah Davachi – Cantus, Descant
Jim White & Marisa Anderson – The Quickening
Harry Pussy – Superstar
We Bow to No Masters – We Bow to No Masters
Irreversible Entanglements – Who Sent You?
Facs – Void Moments

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